The Soul OF JSX

Few artists are able to claim so much grind, perseverance, and loyalty to the culture that influenced him as TrapNB star Jose Santiago. As a young Puerto Rican growing up in Bedstuy Brooklyn, his smooth yet sincere presence evolved from multicultural influences, integrating rhythm and sound from salsa to reggae, rock and hip hop. In an honest reflection of the real world, Jose’s music vividly chronicles a young man’s journey through the hard lessons of love, loss, seduction, and heartbreak based on personal trials and tribulations.

Since early 2010, Jose Santiago has worked and collaborated to produce musical content as both a solo artist and performer in a live ensemble. In 2016 he formed JSXPERIENCE, a collaboration with drummer / video artist Daniel LeMunyan in order to streamline his sound and fuse projected visual content into the performance. 

In 2017, Jose dropped his debut EP Breathe, a follow up to his previous album A Pleasure to Meet You (2015). Both albums represented a continued process of self discovery ever evolving through life and music. In 2019 with the release of the SNZS EP the difficult lessons of life have been learned and the delicate balance between carnal animal nature and higher spiritual awakening have been obtained.


SNZS EP 2019

Breathe EP 2017

Breathe EP 2017